Samantha Silver

“There is a quote that says, “There are many people that we meet in our lives but only a very few will make a lasting impression on our minds and hearts.” I truly believe that Jen Aversa is one of those rare people for my daughter and our family.

Samantha began her dance journey with Ms. Jen and Dance Connections like many others, at a summer Princess Dance Camp. What could have been a week long break from hot weather has lasted 13 years and has turned into a pivotal part of her growth as a dancer and a young woman. She has learned not only the dance steps needed to become a graceful and beautiful dancer but has also been coached and loved by a dance family that is consistently patient and supportive. The love of dance has been instilled not just for the performance itself but also the benefits it can give in all areas of her life and in the ways she can use that gift to help others. Dance Connections is and has always been a dance family not just a dance studio.

Samantha’s journey has taken her from dance camp as a 3 year old, to regular weekly classes in ballet, jazz, and modern dance as an early elementary student, finally leading to the last 8 years as Dance Company member. The last 13 years have been filled with lots of hard work and fun, many performances and extra instruction opportunities. Samantha constantly astounds with her athleticism and ability not only to quickly learn the many dances but also to work together to pivot and adapt no matter what is thrown her way.

What may have started as once upon a time in Princess Dance Camp has continued into a Happily Ever After love of dance and Dance Connections.
                                                - Lisa Silver (Mom)

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