Amy Fleming

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Amy Fleming is a performer, dance teacher, and occupational therapist.  Amy grew up performing and dancing, leading her to pursue a Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre from the Catholic University of America.  After graduating, Amy performed in Disney World before joining the original cast of Feld Entertainment’s Playhouse Disney Live on Tour.  Amy traveled to China, Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Mexico, Uruguay, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Italy, the UAE, and all over the USA. 

After traveling the globe, Amy pursued her Masters degree in Occupational Therapy (OT) from Towson University.  Amy stays connected to the arts through teaching dance and theatre, as well as using elements of theatre and dance in her OT practice.  She has been teaching tap dance, musical theatre, drama and dance since returning from tour!  Since March, Amy has been teaching dance and musical theatre in a virtual setting.

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