2021 Summer Camp Registration

Dance Connections is proud to join with Howard County Parks & Rec to offer summer dance camps for students ages 3-18. All dance camps are all taught by Dance Connections instructors and will be held at the Dance Connections Studio. We invite you to spend part of your summer at any of our exciting dance camps.

The Following Dance Camps are offered by Howard County Parks & Rec and taught by Dance Connections Instructors.

LINK TO REGISTER FOR CAMPS: https://apm.activecommunities.com/howardcounty

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Broadway Tap and Jazz
Does your child love LOVE musical theater and Broadway and wants to be involved in Broadway plays and musicals but doesn’t know where to begin but do not know a lot about dance? Then this is the camp for them you! Dancers will learn the dance basics of jazz and tap that they will need to know to perform or audition for the dance portions of a musical. Each day focuses on a different musical, including a new musical will be explored including Wicked, Mathilda, Aladdin, and more! Themed crafts will add to the fun along with snack and play time. Please wear comfortable workout clothing for ease of movement and bring a nut free snack and drink each day. Ballet or jazz shoes and tap shoes are will be required.
Class Code    Ages    Start Date    Cost    Time                Days        Camp Location
RP1628.401    6-11    July 26           $169    1:00-3:15pm    Mon-Fri    Dance Connections Studio
RP1628.402    6-11    Aug 2             $169    1:00-3:15pm    Mon-Fri    Dance Connections Studio

Let it Go! Frozen Dance Camp 2.0
Chill out this summer with this fun, Frozen-themed camp focusing on the Frozen stories (including Frozen 2) and songs we love! Create fun winter shapes and dances, twirl through the castle like Elsa and Anna, play in the imaginary snow, build a snowman, and have a snowball fight! Participate in ballet, rhythm, and creative movement classes with time for fun crafts. Wear dance attire including a tank top and capris or leggings. Ballet shoes without ties are required.
Class Code     Ages       Start Date    Cost    Time                    Days        Camp Location
RP1622.401    31/2-5      June 14         $169    10:00-11:45am    Mon-Fri    Dance Connections Studio
RP1622.402    31/2-5      June 28         $169    10:00-11:45am    Mon-Fri    Dance Connections Studio
RP1622.403    31/2-5      July 26          $169    10:00-11:45am    Mon-Fri    Dance Connections Studio

Hawaiian Luau Adventure with Moana
Moana, hula, leis, limbo, beach balls and ballet! Come enjoy daily luau fun specially planned for this Moana-themed camp. Learn a water dance and a little hula, experience fun obstacle courses to find the heart of Tafiti, enjoy a limbo challenge, tap to the sounds of the islands, and do a beautiful ballet leap as Moana sings “How Far I’ll Go.” Participate in ballet, tap and creative dance classes each day, and making Hawaiian crafts and enjoying snack and playtime with friends. Wear attire including a tank top and capris or leggings. Ballet shoes without laces are required.
Class Code    Ages      Start Date    Cost    Time                    Days        Camp Location
RP1629.401    4-7         Jul 12            $169    10:00-11:45am    Mon-Fri    Dance Connections Studio
RP1629.402    5-9         Jun 28           $169    10:00-11:45am    Mon-Fri    Dance Connections Studio
RP1629.403    31/2-6    Aug 9            $169    10:00-11:45am    Mon-Fri    Dance Connections Studio

Princess Dance Camp
Twirl your way to becoming a dancing princess! Come learn about your favorite princesses (including Jasmine, Ariel, Cinderella and more)! Each day focuses on a different princess and her story, with dance classes and crafts centered on that princess. Participate in ballet and rhythm classes as well as craft and storytime. Wear attire such as a leotard or dance dress and footed tights. Ballet shoes without ties are required.
Class Code    Ages      Start Date    Cost     Time                   Days        Camp Location
RP1612.402    31/2-5    Jun 21           $169    10:00-11:45am    Mon-Fri    Dance Connections Studio
RP1612.403    31/2-5    Jul 12            $169    10:00-11:45am    Mon-Fri    Dance Connections Studio

Chillin’ Like a Villain
Get your summer chill on as you explore the happily ever after of the most famous vVillains and hHeroes and their descendants. Are you camp Auradon or camp Isle of the Lost? Explore the fun and exciting world of all the heroes and villains and their descendants in this hip hop/jazz and tap- themed dance camp. Cast a dancing spell with Maleficent and Mel, dance with a magic mirror like Evie and the Evil Queen, and learn some fun cheers with Audrey. Each day, explore and bring to life the fun characters and the stories of their famous parents with jazz/hip hop and tap classes, exciting crafts, student choreography and free time. Jazz (or ballet) and tap shoes are required. Please wear comfortable workout clothing for ease of movement.
Class Code    Ages    Start Date    Cost    Time                    Days       Camp Location
RP1618.401    5-10     Jun 21          $169    10:00-11:45am    Mon-Fri    Dance Connections Studio
RP1618.402    5-10     Jul 19           $169    1:00-3:15pm        Mon-Fri    Dance Connections Studio

Pop Princess & Jumping Jo Jo
This fun and exciting camp explores all the music and fun of today's pop star sensations including JoJo Siwa, Dove Cameron, Taylor Swift and more! Campers, participate in jazz and tap classes using fun, popular music as inspiration for dance steps and combinations. Create crafts including jewelry and hair bows to add to the excitement. Wear dance/athletic attire including leotard and tights (or yoga pants), jazz (or ballet) shoes and tap shoes!
Class Code    Ages    Start Date    Cost    Time            Days       Camp Location
RP1062.401    5-9       Jul 12            $169    1-3:15pm    Mon-Fri    Dance Connections Studio

Fantastical Creatures… a Unicorn, Mermaid, and Fairy Camp Adventure
Unicorns, mermaids, fairies… oh my! Jump into a fantastical world of make-believe, ballet and fun with this exciting and fun camp! Dancers will climb a sparkly rainbow and soar through the clouds as magical unicorns, swim with underwater animals as mermaids, and frolic in Pixie Hollow with Tinker belle and all of her fairy friends. Each day, dancers will explore themed ballet and tap classes as well as snack, glittery crafts and play time. Wear attire including a tank top and capris or leggings. Ballet shoes without ties are required. It’s sure to be magical time!
Class Code    Ages      Start Date    Cost     Time                   Days        Camp Location
RP1615.401    4-7         Jul 6              $145    10:00-11:45am    Tue-Fri    Dance Connections Studio
RP1615.402    31/2-5    Aug 2            $169    10:00-11:45am    Mon-Fri    Dance Connections Studio

Wizardly World Dance Camp
Calling all wizards! Summer’s mischief is managed through this fun and exciting Harry Potter- themed camp. Jump on the train to Hogwarts and explore the magical world of Harry Potter and friends through contemporary, modern, and theater dance. Dance the waltz, skip down Diagon Alley, create your own dancing spells and movement, explore movements of mythical creatures and play a game of dance Quidditch. Each day, we explore a different Harry Potter story. will be explored. Muggles are also welcome :-). Wear attire including a tank top and capris or leggings. Ballet or jazz shoes (without ties) are required.
Class Code     Ages    Start Date    Cost    Time                 Days      Camp Location
RP1627.401    6-10      Jul 6              $145    1:00-3:15pm    Tue-Fri    Dance Connections Studio


The Following Dance Intensive is offered & taught by Dance Connections Instructors.

Summer Dance Intensive

Gear back up for fall dance with this fun but technically challenging camp for experienced dancers. Dancers will have a 1-2 technique classes a day in modern, jazz, or ballet as well as specialty classes in areas such as hip hop, pilates, yoga, theater dance, and more. Dancers should wear a leotard and convertible tights everyday and bring their ballet and jazz shoes. Dancers should bring a peanut free snack and drink as well as a water bottle.
Ages    Start Date        Cost    Time                  Days        Camp Location
Coming Soon!

Please Register for Intensive here: Register Here
General Information: 443-574-8990 or jennifer.aversa@verizon.net