Tuition Rates and Policies - Spring 2021

Thank you to all the students who participated in our Fall 2020 & Winter 2021 Sessions. We are glad to announce that we are going to continue dance classes with our Spring Sessions. Below is a list of fees and policies for the Spring Sessions. No costumes will be purchased at this time.
Click here to view the schedule of classes we offer for Spring Session 1 & Session 2

SPRING SESSION 2 :  7 Weeks ( 6 Weeks for Sat/Sun Classes )

Dates:  Monday, April 12 - Friday, May 28

Class Fee Structure for Spring Session 2

  • 30 minute lunch yoga break - $77 or $35 if registered for another class
  • 40 minute classes - $115 for spring session 2*
  • 55 minute classes - $129 for spring session 2 *
  • 1 hr, 10 min - $140 for spring session 2*
  • 1 hr, 25 min - $155 for spring session 2*
  • Dance-Ademics pre-school supplement - $130.00 - 5 Weeks (2 classes/week) + $35 props and enrichment materials

*ALL IN-PERSON CLASSES have a $30/dancer surcharge added to your session.
Note: No surcharge for virtual classes.

Registration Fees (Non-refundable): (Only for new students who were not registered for previous sessions)

  • $30 per dancer
  • $40 per family 
You only have to pay registration fee once for the school year. So if you register for any additional sessions, there will be No Additional Registration Fees.

Prop Kit Fee:   (Only for new students - Fall and/or Winter already paid a prop box fee)

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, we are no longer able to share props. To keep our classes fun and engaging during this time, we will adding a prop kit for all our dancers grades 3 and under. Cost for our prop kit is $25 and will be added to your account after registration. If you are taking an in person class, you will receive your prop kit the first day of class. If you are taking a virtual class, we will set a time for you to come to the studio and pick up your prop kit. Dancers will need to bring prop boxes with them to each class. We do not have extra to borrow as we cannot share props. If your dancer lose his/her prop box or specific props, we will have replacements at the studio for sale.

Make-up Policy:

All make ups must be completed during the session you are registered for and make-ups may only be done via zoom.  No in person make ups will be offered and no refunds or credits will be issued for any missed in-person class.

No Refund Policy:

If the State of Maryland moves us back to a Phase One Status and studio is forced to close, we will shift to online classes for the remainder of the session and no refunds or credits will be issued towards any class tuition paid or prop boxes.

In-Person Surcharge Credit:

If you paid the in studio surcharge for in person classes, we will pro-rate your surcharge fee and issue a credit towards another session.
No refunds will be processed for any reason.

Bubble/Chartered Classes:

We will contact each bubble/charter class individually for the bubble/charter class surcharge. This surcharge depends on the amount of students in each bubble/charter class. When scheduling a bubble/charter class, you understand that you are hiring that instructor for 7 weeks. We will again prorate and credit for “in-person” surcharge, but your instructor will continue to teach your bubble/charter class virtually until the end of the session.

Dance Class Structure:

  1. All Classes will begin with check-in at the start of the class time (if your class starts at 4:00, we will begin check-in outside at 4:00).
  2. Part of class is checking-in. We cannot let dancers in any earlier as we are taking care of cleaning and sanitizing procedures prior to class.
  3. Dancers should not line up outside any earlier than 5 minutes before class (to avoid any crowding or congregating).
  4. At the appropriate time, please line-up on tape lines that are spaced 6-feet apart.
  5. All dancers will have their temperature checked and turn in health forms.
  6. Each dancer MUST wear a Mask at all times.
  7. They will then enter the lobby, change shoes, put on their mask, and enter the studio going to their assigned dance box space.
  8. Parents are not allowed to enter the studio as our lobby is closed.
  9. Class will end 3 minutes early in order to dismiss dancers one at a time with social distancing.
  10. Parents need to be available to pick up dancers on-time. A $20 late fee will be added for any dancer who is picked up late.